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Online appointment scheduling makes customers happy. Dazzle them & take appointments from any device whenever they’re ready. Find out the 9 reasons your customers want to book online

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Have clients pay upon booking to eliminate no-shows

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Online Appointment Software that works on your website

Free Online Booking that keeps clients on your website

Your clients trust you and the brand you've created. Having a scheduler on your site keeps it personal & makes for a beautiful, fluid booking. Zero coding, zero headache, 100% you.

Online Appointment Scheduling features: Discover the benefits

Free Online Booking that's Perfect for:

Online Booking for Small Businesses | One Lily Creative Agency
  • Be ready for your customers before they come in with editable client information forms
  • Cut down on no-shows with customized & automated email + text message confirmations & reminders
  • Accept all credit cards, PayPal, Google Wallet, & Genius for no-hassle payments upon booking
  • Allow Clients to apply promotions, coupon, or voucher codes when they set appointments
  • Make your scheduler available through Blog, Facebook & Email Signature Integrations

“checkAppointments was the only service I tried that would respond to my requests, often in less than an hour. You’ve got a lifelong customer in One Lily!”

Angela Nielsen, President & Creative Director of One Lily
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Online Appointment Scheduling for Education | Wisconsin Virtual Learning
  • Get your students to classes and meetings on time with automatic Email & Text Message reminders
  • Effortlessly prepare for meetings and class rolls with endless downloadable reports
  • Keep your students’ information secure with private information profiles and fields
  • Manage enrollment or gauge attendance by adding classes & setting capacity
  • Include all faculty & faculty profiles to let students know who they’re booking with in the free online scheduling app

“We don’t have to even think about it – it’s effortless. We save a lot of time not having to send out the reminders to staff and to the parents. checkAppointments takes care of it for us.”

Jessica Berish, Director of Admissions & Marketing for WisconsinVL
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Appointment Scheduling Software for Medical Practices | TMI Colonics
  • Customize Email or Text confirmations to ensure patients bring what they need to appointments
  • Free online booking gives practicioners flexible calendars for varying shifts, odd working hours, and fluctuating dates
  • Allow for follow ups, future bookings, & ongoing treatment with recurring appointments
  • HIPAA Compliant: we’ve checked all the boxes to guarantee patient information is encrypted & secure
  • Seamless workflow with adjustable scheduling for those practicing in multiple offices or locations

“I'd say that 99.9% of my appointments are booked online which is a huge time saver! Being on the phone all day would definitely keep me from getting my work done.”

Marianne Morrison, Founder, TMI Colonics
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Online Booking Public Sector | Lake County Sheriff Office
  • Privacy is our main focus. Keep citizens’ information safe—No one beats us on security
  • Ideal for accommodating multiple staff, office spaces, and services within an organization
  • Supports multiple locations so people can book in the right place for their service
  • Keeps your Outlook calendar up-to-date with iCal reminder attachments to anyone who books with you
  • Free online scheduling that's so simple to use we make Shake & Bake’s instructions look difficult

“Online appointment scheduling has been flawless. We’ve polled people at random who have come in and asked how it worked for them. Many have said that they come to Lake County specifically because it’s easy to book with – they didn’t have to call and wait for that to be returned.”

Captain Carl Dondorfer, Lake County, Ohio
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